Screenshots and Fanart

Here you will find screenshots I've obtained myself or around the net and fan art I or other people have drawn of the show.

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Other pics
Fan art

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RD and the Dweebs on a camping trip.Kibble asking Winston what he thinks of the pumpkin
Caboose, Tweek and the pumpkinRD about to go on a delivery
Dweebs at HalloweenDweebs watching a workout video
Reggie and Kibble get upset when Winston wants to watch the newsSatch
Devising a planRD and Tweek
Kibble and Caboose on the lookout for Green Slime AliensRude Dog
RD stepping out of an alien costumeRD watching TV
RD in his jammiesSeymour
Seymour in a tree
Other pictures

A picture of them I kept from an old TV guide.

Click on the pic above to see a wicked Rude Dog poster I have on my wall.
Videos etc

Front of another video I have, "You can't teach a Rude Dog new tricks"

Front of the video I have, "Dweebin' Around in a Pink Cadillac"

Back of the same video.

Back of the same video.

Front of my "In The Mood to be Rude" video. This video has the same picture on the front as my poster.

Front of "Leader of the Pack" another of my videos

Back of the same video

Back of the same video

Front of "Rude Dog and the Dweebs" This video was sold in England

Rude Dog and the Dweebs Laser disc.

Front of my "If you have an itch, Scratch It!" video.
Clothing & Merchandise
Note: Each item of clothing came with a tag that had a Rude Dog bumper sticker on it.

Another shirt I won in an auction. This one says "Rude Dog, larger than life, beyond his wildest Dweebs"

I won this funky Rude Dog t-shirt in an auction!

Another Rude Dog shirt I won. This one is an Official Rude Dog Fanclub shirt!

Here's another shirt I won. It says "Rude Dog Brand"

Rude Dog Halloween costume. The first t-shirt I saw to the left was actually part of the costume.

Rude Dog t-shirt. This was the first one I ever saw!

This pale cream shirt reads "Class Dismissed!!" and has RD & the Dweebs on skateboards!

A Rude Dog tye dye shirt. Look! He's got an eye patch!

Ultra cool Rude Dog Surf Club watch

A Rude Dog air freshener for the car!

Front of another Rude Dog shirt. It says "100% Rude to the bone"

Back of the same shirt. It reads the same thing.

This is the flask in the lunch box

A Rude Dog lunch box
Fan Art
Fan art I've drawn of the characters. It's mostly Rude Dog but there are a few others too. Enjoy, but don't take them without my permission!
Click to see the front of the t-shirt! Click to see the back of the t-shirt!
A Rude Dog t-shirt I painted. I felt since I couldn't get hold of an official one, maybe I should paint one instead! I used Dylon fabric paints that you iron afterwards to set them.

I made this for the site!

RD leaping and doing a peace sign

The whole gang!

A cool logo thingy I did
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"Leader of the Pack" video cassette. It's special because it's multicoloured!

A Rude Dog pendant I made from Fimo clay.

Here's a "Call of the Wild" Rude Dog shirt I won. Its a nice purple colour.

An awesome Rude Dog sweatshirt I won.

Back of the same video

Rude Dog "Seal of Dis-Approval" shirt.

A plastic Rude Dog cup, kindly sent to me from a friend.

My Rude Dog plushie!!!!
I won this in an auction.
My Rude Dog merchandise
Other Rude Dog merchandise

Rude Dog Body Shop shorts

Plastic model of Rude Dog on a skateboard.

The tag from the "Call of the Wild" shirt. You could talk to Rude Dog by calling the number on the tag.

Rude Dog tank top. It says "The Bark of Excellence" on the back.

A funky neon coloured t-shirt. It's big but really cool!

"Let the rude times roll" t-shirt

Front detail of the same t-shirt

A neon pink RD t-shirt which says "Rudest Rude Dog Around"

This Rude Dog t-shirt is similar to mine except it is black instead of blue.

Rude Dog & The Dweebs logo from a shirt.

Cute Rude Dog plush.

Rude Dog t-shirt which says "Yer only as Rude as you feel!"

This is the same as my pink version, except it's blue!

Rude Dog Nite Patrol "Howlin' at the Moon" t-shirt

Rude Dog t-shirt. The back is pictured with the logo on.

A Pirate style Rude Dog shirt!

Rude Dog long sleeved t-shirt. It says "Rude Dog Buzzes the Beach"

Rude Dog Skate Ranch t-shirt.

Another Rude Dog plastic cup.

My set of 4 extremely rare enamalled Rude Dog advertising pins.

Rude Dog's Garage t-shirt.

Rude Dog Tour t-shirt

Rude Dog Surf Gear t-shirt

Rude Dog Roamin' Rover sweatshirt

U Can't Teach a Rude Dog New Tricks sweatshirt

A cool Rude Dog Master of Mayhem t-shirt, showing a detailed close up!

My awesome Rude on the Road: Rude Dog Down Under t-shirt!

"The World is my Fire Hydrant" t-shirt.

A funky "Team Rude" t-shirt.

Rude Dog of the Year sweatshirt.

Rude Dog on Patrol t-shirt.

Rude and Crude Rude Dog Brand t-shirt

Rude Dog Peace, Love & Rudeness t-shirt

Rude Dog Club Rude t-shirt

Rude Dog Beaming Up Bones t-shirt (possibly fake)

Another cute Rude Dog plush

My Rude Dog Team Rude sweatshirt.

Another Rude Dog plush I have. His shirt reads "Be Rude to your School"

My set of Rude Dog stickers.

The first of three new t-shirts I bought thinking they were the 80s Rude Dog. Seems a new company has bought the name and is using it now.

Heres the second one. RD's colours have changed a bit. He's now lime green and purple.

Third one. I will be careful when I buy in the future.

Scans of the new tag for the Rude Dog shirts.

Rude Dog shades.

Rude Dog visors.

Rude Surf U.S. t-shirt

A German Rude Dog video cover. It seems the show was international!

Another German Rude Dog video!

Rude Dog negatives, used in printing I think

Closeup of the top negative image

Another video. The writing in the top corner says "He has what it takes to be leader of the pack"

Rude Dog bites the vet t-shirt

Rude Dog paradise shirt

Another Roamin' Rover sweatshirt

Are You a Rude Dude? Kids t-shirt

An amusing Hot Dog Buns t-shirt

RD is getting cranky on this t-shirt!

Rude Dog on Duty t-shirt with a detailed closeup!
Plushies, lunch items, watches & other merchandise

Three more Rude Dog figures.